This blog is maintained by Ludovic Rivallain but also hosts contributions from Antoine Harlaut.

Ludovic Rivallain

I am currently senior Virtualisation Engineer+SysAdmin in SII Group, a French IT consulting company. Before that I used to work as tech leader of SRE (run/operations) team of the Private Cloud offer at OVH hosting company.

I work mainly on VMware based virtual infrastructures, “IaaS/PaaS” cloud computing offers for key accounts (architecture, automation and orchestration, disaster recovery plans, trainings…).

And as I might be a little lazy sometimes, I love automation concepts and I deal with Python, Powershell and/or Bash scripts daily.

My resume: ludovic.rivallain.fr

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Open source

I’m also self-interested in open-source solutions like #Docker, #OpenStack, #Ansible


Please refer to my linkedin profile to contact me in private.

In case of mail contacts, please note my PGP key fingerprint: 🔑 CBF2 D0FF 5BDF 1CF8 5094 4C05 C6BE 80D9 44DB 4587 (aka 0x44DB4587)

Antoine Harlaut

Working at SII Group as contractor for a french cloud provider, I’ve got 3 years of experience on System & Virtualization. I’m currently focusing on Automation products such as vRealize Automation & vRealize Orchestrator.

Passionate by scripting, I’m using Python and Powershell daily to automate actions on the “IaaS” platforms.

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Here is my linkedin profile to contact me.

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