KB: vRealize Automation 7.x – Fix timeout errors with third party solutions deployment

The time required to fetch information on a third party deployment platform (like Azure virtual machine's current and available public address) through vRealize Orchestrator can take too long and raise SocketTimeout errors. The process times out in vRealize Automation with this error message: "The connection to vCenter Orchestrator Server time out.". To resolve this issue, connect on vRA appliances through SSH to run the following commands:

 1# STOP vRA service
 2service vcac-server stop
 4sed -i.bak -r 's/socketTimeout(.*)30000/socketTimeout\1300000/' /etc/vcac/webapps/o11n-gateway-service/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/spring/root/o11n-gateway-service-context.xml
 6echo "# increase timeout for vco socket requests
 7vco.socket.timeout.millis=300000" >> /etc/vcac/vcac.properties
 9sed -i.bak 's/shindig.http.client.read-timeout-ms=150000/shindig.http.client.read-timeout-ms=300000/' /var/lib/vcac/server/webapps/vcac/WEB-INF/classes/shindig.properties
11echo '# increase timeout for vco socket requests
12VCAC_OPTS="$VCAC_OPTS -Dclient.system.socket.timeout=300000"' >> /etc/vcac/setenv-user
14# start vRA service
15service vcac-server start