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Here is a quick memo on the usage of HTTPie to connect to VMware products to explore or use the API. Install (Ubuntu/Debian) sudo apt install -qy jq sudo pip3 install -U httpie VMware vCenter # login http POST https://vcsa.vlab.lcl/rest/com/vmware/cis/session --verify=no --session=vcsa -a 'administrator@vsphere.local:VMware1!' # list VMs http https://vcsa65.vlab.lcl/rest/vcenter/vm --verify=no --session=vcsa VMware vCloud Director # One liner login export VCD_TOKEN=$(http POST https://vcd.vlab.lcl/api/sessions "Accept: application/*+json;version=32.0" --session=vcd --verify=no -a 'administrator@System:VMware1!' -h | grep X-VMWARE-VCLOUD-ACCESS-TOKEN | cut -d'...
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