VMware - Explore vCloud Director catalog publishing feature

VMware introduced in version 5.5 of vCloud Director, a feature to externaly expose catalogs and if necessary, to subscribe to an externaly exposed one. This is useful to synchronize catalog between two (or more) vCloud Director instances. Basic usage Publish a Catalog to an External Organization Subscribe to an External Catalog Feed Exploring the catalog content What is behind the shared URI List items Download files from catalog Basic usage The two following sections are...
August 2, 2017
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VMware - VCSA or PSC appliance won't boot after hard shutdown

I started using the VMware Photon based appliances to deploy vCenter services (VCSA) and PSC with the 6.5 version several months ago. It’s really stable and I appreciate to use it daily and to replace the windows based services with the appliance ones. But a couple of days ago, I had a bad suprise in a lab environment where 2 PSC instances were unable to boot after a hard power-off. Here is a screenshot of...
May 10, 2017
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VMware - PowerCLI 6.5.1 Cheat Sheet

SII Ouest VMware team has published a PowerCli Cheatsheet with most common commands of the VMware PowerShell SDK to manage vSphere environments. The cheat sheet is open-sourced and published in the SII Group GitHub page. Online html version is available in the following page : cheat-sheets/powercli Printable PDF can be download here: PDF Feel free to suggest or commit modification in the repository to enhance those 2 pages.
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Openstack - Deploy training labs

I’m currently working to deploy quickly OpenStack based training lab to provide a platform for practical exercises for training sessions. According to the hosted training session, the needs may differ significantly and we need to quickly clean and recreate a “training” tenant. I have developed a quick helper to produce a new environment in short term: buildlab.sh Here is an usage example: # Following command will create: # * instance(s) named "training" # * based...
March 13, 2017
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VMware - Dive into OVF properties

In order to fully configure a virtual machine after a clone of OVF deployment, it may be useful to use settings from virtualization layer in the guest OS: for example to run Guest OS customization as already discussed in this blog. Today, we will focus on OVF properties. Presentation of OVF properties Representation of OVF properties Create new properties Edit VM properties values Get OVF properties from the guestOS VMware tools ISO image Properties usage...
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