VMware - VCSA or PSC appliance won't boot after hard shutdown

I started using the VMware Photon based appliances to deploy vCenter services (VCSA) and PSC with the 6.5 version several months ago.

It's really stable and I appreciate to use it daily and to replace the windows based services with the appliance ones. But a couple of days ago, I had a bad suprise in a lab environment where 2 PSC instances were unable to boot after a hard power-off.

Here is a screenshot of the PSC console during the boot sequence:

PSC console during the boot sequence

When logging with root credentials, I wasn't able to start services (as network) but I was able to manually set an IP address to the ethernet interface.

It tooks me quite a lot of time, searching in logs, to find out the root cause:

1journalctl -xb

The root cause

/dev/mapper/log_vg-log partition was in error during the boot filesystem check.

To fix it quickly (and dirty):

1fsck.ext4 /dev/mapper/log_vg-log -y

The -y option is set to accept the default error fixing suggested by the fsck.ext4 tool.

From that point, a simple reboot was necessary to get back the lab service up.

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