New release of VMware vRealize Orchestrator package diff tool

About a year ago, I published a small tool to compare two VMware vRealize Orchestrator packages file: vRO Package Diff. Initial version was a simple python script accepting 2 files as arguments and without any input controls.

Today, I publish a v2 of the tool with the following changes:

  • vro-package-diff is now a Pypi hosted project: vro-package-diff and so, can be installed with pip install command.
  • An endpoit vro-diff to access to the tool from any path location.
  • Usage of click to manage:
    • inputs packages
    • help
    • legend display
    • test feature
  • A test feature
  • Documentation is hosted on
  • Travis pipeline

Sample output of vro-diff-package

Install the new version

From a python environment with pip installed:

1pip install vro-package-diff


Get the help

 1vro-diff --help
 4Start a diff operation between two vRO packages.
 6REFERENCE_PACKAGE is the package you want to use as source
 7COMPARED_PACKAGE is the one you want to compare with reference one
10-l, --legend  Display the legend after the diff table
11-t, --test    Exit with `0` if package can be safely imported. Else, returns
12                the number of errors
13-h, --help    Show this message and exit.


Compare two packages:

1vro-diff tests/data/package_v1.0.package tests/data/package_v1.1.package

Compare, then display legend (--legend):

1vro-diff --legend --test tests/data/package_v1.0.package tests/data/package_v1.1.package

Compare, then exit with error if there is conflicts (-–test):

1vro-diff --test tests/data/package_v1.0.package tests/data/package_v1.1.package
2echo $?

The script will exit with the number of items with a conflict situation.

This -–test option can be usefull to implement CI/CD pipelines to compare, then upload(if there is no conflict) vRO packages.


This tool needs vRO users to be tested and improved based on feedback and contributions: Feel free to open issue or create pull request.

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