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Nested VMware ESXi with virtualbox - Your first nested-virtual-machine

February 10, 2015
Now that we’ve seen how to create a nested-ESXi on virtualbox, we may need to have some content in order to test commands of procedures. Local datastore Disk creation Disk partition Dummy virtual machine Imported virtual machine Prerequisites Export Import Enable network from nested-VM Add VNC support to VM VM setup for VNC Firewall configuration for VNC Local datastore Disk creation To create a local datastore, you’ll have to add a new virtual disk to...
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Nested VMware ESXi with virtualbox

January 25, 2015
For testing cases it could be very useful to host a nested (= virtualized) VMware ESXi on your desk or laptop machine. For my own needs, I had to install an ESXi on virtualbox. Here is my tutorial. Installation Prerequisites ESXi Virtual Machine creation ESXi installation and setup (optional) Bypassing the minimal requirements check Back to the installation Customize your nested ESXI IP settings SSH Server Conclusion Installation Prerequisites In order to install an ESXi...
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