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Openstack - Deploy training labs

March 13, 2017
I’m currently working to deploy quickly OpenStack based training lab to provide a platform for practical exercises for training sessions. According to the hosted training session, the needs may differ significantly and we need to quickly clean and recreate a “training” tenant. I have developed a quick helper to produce a new environment in short term: buildlab.sh Here is an usage example: # Following command will create: # * instance(s) named "training" # * based...
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Openstack - Migrate keystone endpoint URL

January 10, 2017
After a DNS record change for the controller node of our lab OpenStack infrastructure, Horizon client was still displaying the old endpoint DNS hostname in the API access. This information is coming from the keystone database, so we need to proceed a c List endpoints list, filtered on interface public: $ openstack endpoint list --interface public" +----------------------------------+-----------+--------------+--------------+---------+-----------+----------------------------------------------------------+ | ID | Region | Service Name | Service Type | Enabled | Interface | URL | +----------------------------------+-----------+--------------+--------------+---------+-----------+----------------------------------------------------------+...
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