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VMware - VCSA 6.5u0 or PSC appliance - change SCSI block timeout

September 4, 2017
In a previous post, I’ve already talk about an issue occuring in a lab environment with vCSA 6.5u0 and PSC appliance : VCSA or PSC appliance won’t boot after hard shutdown. As the issue became more regular with time, I tried to figure out the root cause of those events. As system’s logs reports SCSI timeout on write operations, I remember myself that the default 30 seconds timeout could be insufficient in some virtualized environment....
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VMware - VCSA or PSC appliance won't boot after hard shutdown

May 10, 2017
I started using the VMware Photon based appliances to deploy vCenter services (VCSA) and PSC with the 6.5 version several months ago. It’s really stable and I appreciate to use it daily and to replace the windows based services with the appliance ones. But a couple of days ago, I had a bad suprise in a lab environment where 2 PSC instances were unable to boot after a hard power-off. Here is a screenshot of...
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