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Password factory

January 3, 2017
A quick tip to easily generate random password from a bash command line. Add the following lines to your bashrc file: alias genalphanumpasswd='tr -cd '\''[:alnum:]'\'' < /dev/urandom | fold -w30 | head -n1' alias genpasswd='tr -cd '\''[:graph:]'\'' < /dev/urandom | fold -w30 | head -n1' Save and source it: . ~/.bashrc Then you can use it: $ genalphanumpasswd i?`c8.f{Ba^NXwu^9)VD~dao*?S*Bi $ genalphanumpasswd 75kDvC3fwJAMPPv2CVdEDwNzvHFAZU The first alias, based on [:graph:], produces passwords made of all printable ascii...
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