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Use the vRealize Automation REST API on vRealize Orchestrator

October 6, 2018
The vRealize Automation REST API can be used on vRealize Orchestrator directly with the vCACCAFE plugin, instead of using the HTTP-REST plugin, which can be much more simplier. Get the vRA REST endpoint Find the vCAC endpoint Using the vRA REST API on vRO Get the vRA REST endpoint If you have already used the vRealize Automation REST API, you should have noticed that there is around twenty endpoints ! On this article, we’ll take...
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Reboot French VMUG, Paris, Septembre 2018

September 20, 2018
As an exception, I will post this article in French only as its subject is the French VMUG edition. Sorry for english speaking people. Aujourd’hui avait lieu la reboot-edition du VMUG France dans les (tout neufs!) locaux parisiens d’OVH. L’événènement est à présent orchestré (et bien orchestré!) par Noham Medyouni (Dell-EMC), Fréderic Giovannacci (SIB) et Matthieu Gioia (consultant indep.) et pour ce RDV parisien de rentrée, 2 invités de marque étaient présents: Duncan Epping: Chief...
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VMware vCloud Director – Change SSL certificates

July 24, 2018
The following procedure is a self-reminder of How-To replace the certificates of a VMware vCloud Director deployment. Prepare informations Create unsigned certificates Create certificate requests for CA-signing Import signed certificates in the keystore Apply certificates to the services Prepare informations Here is a configuration sample for a single cell deployment. Change settings according to your needs: If you are using multi-cells deployment, I stronlgy recommend you to extend informations in the -ext "san=dns:..." parameter of...
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Switch to Clarity UI light theme

June 11, 2018
As you could notice (if you don’t use an RSS tool to read this blog): there is a new UI theme based on the Clarity Design System. To compare before/after: This decision was strongly motivated by the new HTML5-powered interface of vCSA 6.5 & 6.7. This new VMware vCenter UI is also based (as many of others VMware’s products) on this open-source design system initiated by VMware and is very enjoyable to use on a...
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VMware vRealize orchestrator package diff python tool

February 28, 2018
I have recently published a draft tool to provide a table-formated diff of two vRealize Orchestrator packages. Project is available on GitHub project and will evolve in futur to support more package item’s types and to provide better information about differences. Installation Requirements: Python 3 and pip installed. Download: git clone https://github.com/lrivallain/vro-package-diff.git cd vro-package-diff (optionnal) Create python virtualenv: virtualenv -p python3 --no-site-packages venv . venv/bin/activate Install required python packages: pip install -r requirements.txt Usage python...
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Ansible/VMware modules - first steps

February 7, 2018
Ansible is a well known software to automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment. In concrete terms, it’s possible to manage infrastructure deployment and configuration during life cycle from sets of configuration files. In the following post, I will try to explain how to use it with some VMware modules from ansible installation to the management of a vCenter based infrastructure. Ansible installation Ansible usage with VMware vCenter Inventory Playbook Dynamic input for some...
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VMware - VCSA 6.5u0 or PSC appliance - change SCSI block timeout

September 4, 2017
In a previous post, I’ve already talk about an issue occuring in a lab environment with vCSA 6.5u0 and PSC appliance : VCSA or PSC appliance won’t boot after hard shutdown. As the issue became more regular with time, I tried to figure out the root cause of those events. As system’s logs reports SCSI timeout on write operations, I remember myself that the default 30 seconds timeout could be insufficient in some virtualized environment....
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VMware - Patch the vCloud Director cacerts file

August 30, 2017
When you install a VMware vCloud Director instance, it comes with an embedded JRE (Java Runtime Environment). For example, vCloud Director includes JRE 1.8.0_121 : $VCLOUD_HOME/jre/bin/java -version java version "1.8.0_121" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_121-b13) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.121-b13, mixed mode) JRE includes it’s own keystore for trusted SSL certificates, the cacerts file. This file is depending on both oracle/Java and VMware/vCloud releasing and if your certification authority root certificate isn’t...
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VMware - Explore vCloud Director catalog publishing feature

August 2, 2017
VMware introduced in version 5.5 of vCloud Director, a feature to externaly expose catalogs and if necessary, to subscribe to an externaly exposed one. This is useful to synchronize catalog between two (or more) vCloud Director instances. Basic usage Publish a Catalog to an External Organization Subscribe to an External Catalog Feed Exploring the catalog content What is behind the shared URI List items Download files from catalog Basic usage The two following sections are...
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VMware - VCSA or PSC appliance won't boot after hard shutdown

May 10, 2017
I started using the VMware Photon based appliances to deploy vCenter services (VCSA) and PSC with the 6.5 version several months ago. It’s really stable and I appreciate to use it daily and to replace the windows based services with the appliance ones. But a couple of days ago, I had a bad suprise in a lab environment where 2 PSC instances were unable to boot after a hard power-off. Here is a screenshot of...
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VMware - PowerCLI 6.5.1 Cheat Sheet

May 5, 2017
SII Ouest VMware team has published a PowerCli Cheatsheet with most common commands of the VMware PowerShell SDK to manage vSphere environments. The cheat sheet is open-sourced and published in the SII Group GitHub page. Online html version is available in the following page : cheat-sheets/powercli Printable PDF can be download here: PDF Feel free to suggest or commit modification in the repository to enhance those 2 pages.
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VMware - Dive into OVF properties

March 6, 2017
In order to fully configure a virtual machine after a clone of OVF deployment, it may be useful to use settings from virtualization layer in the guest OS: for example to run Guest OS customization as already discussed in this blog. Today, we will focus on OVF properties. Presentation of OVF properties Representation of OVF properties Create new properties Edit VM properties values Get OVF properties from the guestOS VMware tools ISO image Properties usage...
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Play with VM snapshots and linked-clones with ESXi command line tools

February 26, 2015
In this article, we will see how to create, commit, revert-to virtual machine snapshots from ESXi command line. We will also talk about the very useful “linked clones” that are related to the snapshot feature. Prerequisites Snapshots Create snapshots Get snapshot(s) list Remove/Commit a snapshot Revert to a snapshot Linked clone Create a linked clone Convert a linked clone to a full clone Prerequisites You only need to have a running VM on the ESXi...
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Nested VMware ESXi with virtualbox - Your first nested-virtual-machine

February 10, 2015
Now that we’ve seen how to create a nested-ESXi on virtualbox, we may need to have some content in order to test commands of procedures. Local datastore Disk creation Disk partition Dummy virtual machine Imported virtual machine Prerequisites Export Import Enable network from nested-VM Add VNC support to VM VM setup for VNC Firewall configuration for VNC Local datastore Disk creation To create a local datastore, you’ll have to add a new virtual disk to...
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Nested VMware ESXi with virtualbox

January 25, 2015
For testing cases it could be very useful to host a nested (= virtualized) VMware ESXi on your desk or laptop machine. For my own needs, I had to install an ESXi on virtualbox. Here is my tutorial. Installation Prerequisites ESXi Virtual Machine creation ESXi installation and setup (optional) Bypassing the minimal requirements check Back to the installation Customize your nested ESXI IP settings SSH Server Conclusion Installation Prerequisites In order to install an ESXi...
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vCenter - changer le mot de passe de base de données

July 18, 2014
Un petit article plus, pour me rappeler moi même de la manipulation que pour vraiment générer du contenu sur ce blog. Ce matin j’ai eu à changer, sur un vCenter Server, le mot de passe par lequel le service communique avec sa base de données, voici la manipulation. Changer l’utilisateur de BDD (si nécessaire) Pour celà, il faut ouvrir l’éditeur de registre Windows: regedit.exe Puis chercher le chemin: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\VMware VirtualCenter\DB Dans ce dossier du...
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PowerCli - Mise à jour du VMX de templates de machines virtuelles

May 12, 2014
Lorsqu’on gère plusieurs centaines de machines virtuelles, templates, virtual-appliance etc., on a pas spécialement envie de se palucher à la main, les opérations de mises-à-jour systématiques. En plus si vous cotoyez des gus comme @fdibot, ça devient carrément un sacrilège d’envisager de faire à la main ce genre d’opération, si vous avez la possibilité de le scripter en powershell. Si on travaille sur un environnement Windows et VMware, l’API “PowerCli” est une facilité appréciable qui...
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